Friday, October 14, 2011

Basketball Wives L.A. Season 1 Episode 7.....It's All About Draya

Imani, Laura, Gloria & Jackie are all full of SHIT! They all find ways to work Draya into their conversations yet Laura just swore up and down to Draya that she doesn't think about her. This is the same bitch that googled Draya's name on the internet and helped spread the word about her abandonment case and arrest record.

When Laura addressed Draya in the park she referred to her as a jump-off, a hooker and whatever other little nasty name she could muster out of her dumb, gutter ass mouth. Draya is doing her best to control her hands and behavior, which I applaud, because frankly Laura and I would've likely had ended up on the ground. I see she didn't learn from that last "Malaysian" pop to watch her damn mouth!

Imani looked pissed when Jackie said that she didn't dislike Draya. She really wants all the women to HATE Draya as much as she does. But what Imani doesn't understand is that most of those women don't carry the same INSECURITIES about age, weight and looks, that SHE does. Imani is the type of bitch that thought she would be young forever. She has obviously found it difficult to age and although she likes to pretend she's so classy and graceful, she definitely is not. And her lack of etiquette & humility shows whenever Draya is around. Did you guys catch that remark she made to Draya in episode 6? Draya said that the guys that would show up in the clubs would choose her because they liked the classy strippers and Imani's response was "that's a contradiction in terms". What a BITCH! LOL.

Imani acts as if she's from royalty or wealth, but she is undeniably classless. All she does is pick on Draya and gossip about Draya & Malaysia when they aren't around...

Jackie Christie is a psychotic, bi-polar acting, really old battle axe. She starts more drama than NBC, but acts as if she's a peace maker. This heifa needs to be slapped too. The proof of her bi-polarism showed at the charity event. She was starting to gossip about Laura to Draya after pretending all this time to be Lauras' friend. Then she starts beefing with Laura at the event. Jackie was second only to Imani in dogging out Draya. Talking about how disrespectful she was to miss her wedding, etc., etc. Now at this charity event she's up in Draya's face gossiping about Laura and what she said. Two faces on one head.

Everyone is watching Draya, but they need to be watching Jackie. She is truly a trouble making, two-faced busy body with a know-it-all attitude. I really don't care for her on this show.

Draya is the draw and if these morons run her off, they can kiss this show goodbye!

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