Friday, July 29, 2011

Why Niggas Always End Up Broke!

I just read that Souljah Boy just bought a G5 jet for $35 million dollars with a $20 million dollar "upgrade" in luxuries including four bars, italian leather seats and custom paint with his logo on the jet. Ha! what a joke in less than 10 years this nigga will be BROKE! Just like MC Hammer.

I don't understand the mentality of some of these guys who come from nothing in terms of wealth and once they make it, they blow through it faster than a hurricane in Mississippi. It's really quite sad because I love to see my brothas and sistas get money but I would just like for them to keep it and pass it down to their children and their childrens-children. In other words LEAVE A FINANCIAL LEGACY.

But most niggas don't think like that. And I use the term niggas because I know that most Black people do think about their legacy, what they would like to pass down generationally, etc. This "new breed" of negroes have got it fucked up. They only think of themselves. Not only that but I guarantee you it never crossed his mind to negotiate the cost of any of that; the jet, the customizing, nothing. And why would he need four bars on a plane that seats only 16 people max?!

It's just like Birdman losing two million dollars on a bet. Our ancestors are probably flipping in their graves right now. That same two million could've fed thousands of Black people that are starving in this country every day. These men don't think- they just act and many times their actions are simply selfish.

Even the Kennedys, who did not come from wealth, had enough wherewithall to understand that once they made their fortune they had to maintain it, spend it wisely and save enough for the next generation to use. That is what a great number of these types of Blacks lack; wisdom.

Anyone with a great credit rating or a ton of money can buy whatever they want, but a wise man knows how, when and what to spend it on....

The Black Woman...

The degradation, destruction and demeaning of Black women have mostly been by the hands, mouths and actions of Black men. This extends from the males who became "fathers" because they insiminated seeds of life into women they had no more use for than a dog has use for a stray. This is also addressed to males that use the bodies of Black women for money making purposes, something to pass the time with or simply some one to keep you entertained until the next bitch comes along.

And I use the word bitch because IF a Black man truly thought of a Black woman AS a WOMAN, he would not treat her as anything less than that.

All too often Black women are blamed for the anger, repression, emasculation and irresponsible behaviors of Black men today. But let's address those issues one by one.

1) The Black mans' anger. You are truly angry at yourselves NOT us. Because if it were not for us many of you would have been parentless. Obviously some of your fathers were not around to help raise you and so it was left up to a BLACK WOMAN to do the best she could in trying to provide for you with a home, food, education and clothing. Sure, there was less family time spent because the Black woman had to get out and earn a living, but your anger is misdirected. You don't punish or speak against the ones that have saved you from poverty and homelessness, while embracing the one who abandoned you (like your father) or worst still embracing those that had NOTHING to do with your survival (like white women).

All too frequently I hear brothas speaking highly of white women and how they BELIEVE they raise their children, handle their men and function within their families. And I think to myself are these niggas blind, deaf and dumb?? It is usually a white womans' child that will walk into a school or public place and shoot the it up. White men cheat on their women/wives too, did everyone forget the infamous Steve Garvey fiasco? Or what about John Edwards cheating on his loyal, DYING wife? So, if the white woman reared her family so much better than Black women does, WHY are they having just as many issues with their children and husbands as we are?

2) Repression. It is not the fault of the Black woman that you can not find a job or manage to keep the one you finally got-only six months ago, if that. It is up to you to find a way to earn a living just like your mother taught you through her example of getting up every morning and taking the bus if she had to, just to get to work and provide for you. I truly do not understand any Black male that blames the Black woman for his woes. Many of these women are left with no other choice than to make sacrifices at your expense for the greater good. And she suffers as well. Most mothers want to spend time with their children but when it becomes a matter of live or die - what would you have her choose?

3) Emasculation. Women in general recognize the wrecklessness and havoc that men can create with their barbaric attitudes, so we as Black women use an iron fist sometimes when dealing with Black males because we understand, that should we go "easy" on you, you will take that kindness for naivety or weakness. Our intent is not to emasculate you but to preserve normalcy in our households and beyond (on the street, in the workplace, etc). Ruling with an iron fist can usually keep a person in line and OUT OF PRISON!

4) Irresponsible behaviors is almost synonymous with Black men. There are certain things that you do in society and/or within your own family that you KNOW should not be done like; committing crimes, impregnating women you are not married to, focusing on how you're going to cop the next BS sneaker instead of focusing on how to pay your goddamned child support and on and on and on. Many of you guys are irresponsible DESPITE the fact that you were taught better, yet you still find a way to blame the Black woman. It's absurd!

The Black woman doesn't force you to deal, smuggle or use drugs and/or alcohol. The Black woman usually encourages you to stop those bad behaviors and find a business to invest in instead of investing in ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES aka street commerce. There are Black women that have tolerated infidelities, out of wed-lock/relationship children, etc. Yet she still would stand by you because she saw in you what YOU DID NOT SEE IN YOURSELF; value.

A Black woman will be the backbone of your family not the one that destroys it. She will encourage you, uplift you, stand beside you and always support you in your endeavors. She picks up the slack where you have broken down and she dries your tears when no one else even knew you were in sorrow.

Yet some of you still prey on us and try to tear us down either by your insensitive & atrocious behavior or by your offensive and degrading words.

So, I say to hell with the degradation of Black women and the hate speech that a lot of Black men are spewing in our society today. There are no perfect people and yes, some of us are beyond flawed, but generally speaking the Black woman is the best thing the universe could've given to the world and especially given the Black man.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oklahoma Pharmacist Sentenced For Killing Would-Be Robber

A white Oklahoma City pharmacist has been sentenced to life in prison for the shooting death of would-be Black robber Antwun Parker. I refer to their race for one reason and one reason alone, the media has played this up to the fullest.

In this case I don't know how much race played in this instance. If I, as a business owner, was looking down the barrel of a gun I would shot the culprits too. But I'm a bit torn on this story because the pharmacist shot the unarmed 16 year old would-be robber once initially and then went back to pump five more shots in him as he laid unconscious on the ground and UNARMED...

I am all for people protecting themselves, their property, their loved ones and whomever else they need to protect when faced with imminent danger. But this was not the case. After the first shot put down the 16 year old, the 14 year old armed co-culprit (Jevontia Ingram) ran out the front door of the business.

Jerome Ersland, 59, justified his additional shots by stating that the would-be robber still posed a threat to him and his two co-workers. Thousands of people have signed petitions asking Governor Mary Fallin to pardon Ersland or at least ease his sentence....


Because here's my problem. He shot the kid in the head the first time and the kid fell unconscious to the ground, unarmed. The 14 year old kid who was not shot was actually the one with the gun and he also was the one that got away. So, there was no threat of harm to Ersland because the guy with the gun ran off & the other one was on the ground, unconscious, but still alive. He was not justified in killling him. He would've only been justified in shooting that kid and killing him had all five or six shots been consecutive. At least then he could've said well, I shot at him because he posed a threat and his partner had a gun so I was shooting at them both or something to that effect. But, when he had an opportunity to call the police and an ambulance he instead opted to go behind the counter, grab a different gun, come back, stand over the kid lying on the floor and pumped five more shots into him for good measure. I have a problem with calling that self-defense.

That is not self-defense. You are not defending against anything! You are enraged and shooting in cold blood. If this were a wetback I would not have a problem with this. But I have a problem with THIS- because the kid was Black, young, possibly made a mistake, possibly went along with his friend to see if they could pull the caper off and ended up getting his life taken away by an overzealous pharmacist that very possibly had pre-existing animosity toward Blacks....

But guess what else I have a problem with? The mother of the dead would-be robber now wants to sue the pharmacist!

1) This man is going to jail for life. How is he going to pay her? 2) How much responsibility lies with her 16 yr.old son who knew what he was doing was wrong? 3) How much of this lies at her feet? Afterall, where was she when he was running the street? Why didn't she have a tighter grip on him?

According to the probable cause report, Ingram (the 14 yr. old) said he was contacted by a friend of his mother's and a cousin of that man, both later identified as Emanuel Mitchell and Anthony Morrison. If your child is hanging around people like this YOU are responsible for keeping an overly watchful eye on your child and if need be stop that child from hanging out with those types of people PERIOD.

I'm so sick of people trying to find someone else to blame for their shortcomings. She failed as a parent, she failed as a protector and she will fail in this civil suit as well. She's a three time loser. Her son greatly contributed to his own demise and the fact that this pharmacist was obviously out to kill does not take away from the fact that her son was shot in the commission of a criminal act!

Like I said, I am torn because there was wrong from all parties. I believe the pharmacist should've been armed and used his gun when faced with the armed would-be robbers, but I do not believe he should've  went and shot the kid AFTER the kid was down, not to mention UNARMED. The kid was wrong for trying to rob these people and surely contributed to his own death just by being there under those circumstances. And the mother of this kid has a cross to bear as well because of the company she allowed her son to keep.

It's a fucked up situation all around, because now you have a man in prison for life who was, at least at first, just trying to protect his store and co-workers. You have yet another Black male gone and will never see graduation, prom or his first child. And you have a mother who will never watch her son grow into manhood, go off to college or have a family of his own....

No one wins. It's all bad. It's all bad ya'll.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Executed Illegal Alien Shouts Viva Mexico! Before Dying...

It's too bad they didn't send this disloyal, anti-North American, piece of rapist gutter shit back to the country he pledges his loyalty to years a body bag.

Humberto Leal Garcia was an illegal alien, whose family brought him here from mexico when he was two (2) years old. When he was around twenty-one (21) years old, he raped and murdered a sixteen (16) year old girl in Texas. He confessed to the crimes but his lawyers have argued that he was never given the opportunity to seek legal assistance from the mexican government under the international treaty.

The Obama administration tried to stop the execution by appealing to the Supreme Court and asking that they halt the execution until Congress could consider a bill that would bring the U.S. into compliance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations regarding arrests of foreign nationals (that would've taken at least 6 months). This bill of course was introduced by U.S. Senate Vermont DEMOCRAT Patrick Leahy.

This illegal rapist/murderer confessed to his crimes, was given appropriate legal representation and a fair trial and they still were trying to find ways to keep this scumbag alive.

But please tell me why is it that when they are here illegally, we can not get rid of them? Law enforcement are not even allowed to ask them if they are here illegally. Isn't that ironic? Afterall, the mere word illegal implies they have broken a law.

But we can't get rid of them or refer to them as illegal aliens, when they are here-undocumented and living off the social services, freedoms and fruits of North America. However, we can refer to them as illegal aliens (foreign nationals) for purposes of arguing that they have been "denied" access to proper legal assistance. What a convoluted sham!

But the Supreme Court finally did something right and did not issue a stay of execution for this illegal alien and neither did the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. Viva TEXAS!!

The Obama administration is a disgrace. He has done everything in his power to show these illegal aliens that he's their friend, even at the expense of the North Americans' trust in his judgement and actions. Most people, especially most Black people, see President Obama as a man first, they do not see him as a grimy, say-what-you-have-to-say-to-get-the-votes-you-need politician. But I do and I always have. The only reason I voted him into office initially was because I felt he was the lesser of two evils. However, now I will vote for a different candidate next election. Another four (4) years of the Obama administration and the national breakfast will be chorizo with beans and rice!

The illegal alien shouting "viva mexico" is a true testament to the common sentiment of most of these illegals that have come here after escaping the horrors and poverty that plagues mexico and south america. They have managed to pop out anchor babies a.k.a. illegal aliens in hospitals that give them full medical care, find housing at discount rates -compliments of Section 8 and other housing programs initially created to accomodate LEGAL North American citizens, get hired for jobs that really should be reserved for North Americans and are living fairly decent, carefree lives. Yet they pledge undying allegiance to mexico.

Any illegal that pledges loyalty to anywhere other than North America should be sent back to that country. PERIOD. These people are terrorists with loyalties to outsiders. Mexico is not our ally.

And truthfully, I wish they would high tail their asses back to the land they love so much and let us get back to living without the early morning sounds of roosters, goats and 10 kids crying all at once. I would love to be able to drive and not almost get into an accident because one of them barely missed hitting my car and I would love for my fellow citizens to get back into the work force-send all of them back to where they came from and I guarantee you the unemployment rate will be cut by three quarters (3/4).

Most people don't want them here anyway. They are undesirable as neighbors, mediocre as employees and they cost this country billions in numerous sectors; housing, welfare, social services, to name a few.

The people in Senate seats and the House of Representatives (which is a sham. who are they truly representing) aren't neighbors with these people. The only occasions when they are in the company of mexicans is when they are being served food, having their cars waxed or their lawns mowed. And after a couple of hours they send them back to the ghettos. So they don't see what we see, living amongst them daily. Because I will guarantee you if Hilary Clinton or Dianne Feinstein walked out of their front doors and into the cesspit that is now greater Los Angeles they would demand those illegals be send back so fast it would make your sombrero spin. They would want a clean city to walk their dogs in, brunch with their friends in and show off to their parents and so DO OTHERS.

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Black Mother Turns Kids In For Stealing! Bravo Momi!

So many times in our community people turn "blind eyes" to criminal behavior. There is even a phrase some people in the 'hood -"stop snitching". This phrase is based on street "ethics". There is a rapper named Camron who, when interviewed by Anderson Cooper in 2007, said that no matter what he would never tell on another person, even if it were a serial killer.

I do not subscribe to that street garbage. It's a twisted, gutter way of thinking and most people that say those kinds of things aren't telling the truth anyway. If they ever found themselves in situations where only the police could protect them they would be singing everything they know, like Ella used to sing jazz! High pitch and all!

But that is not the case with this Black mother of two; a boy and a girl, living in Milwaukee. She saw a video on the news of her children, amongst others, looting a store and contacted the police immediately upon confirmation it was indeed them.  That took a lot of heart. Because you never want your children to be in trouble with the law and you never want to be the one to send them to jail. But children that do things like that must be taught lessons about criminal behavior, punishments given for those behaviors and hopefully insight into what they do not want to become as adults.

More parents-no matter the ethnicity, should show their criminal behaving children that it is not to their benefit to behave that way. My mother was not as good as this lady. My mother was from the street and she would encourage bad behavior. She was only 14 when she became pregnant with me but even at that age, you still know right from wrong! One time a sister of mine, known for stealing, took some candy from the store. My mother found out about it and laughed, my grandmother made her take the rest back. Thank goodness my grandmother raised us and we learned from her a sense of lawfulness, responsibility and principles.

I'm not saying I'm a saint, lord knows I've done my dirt, but I was a young adult when I decided to ignore my upbringing. I've since grown up. And I would never teach a child of mine to be a criminal. That's not what parents are for. They are educators, protectors and providers.

So, I salute this Black mother for being everything a parent should be to their children. Bravo lady, hopefully they have learned a good lesson.

Self Hating Black Women Wear Weaves??

Every morning I get up, turn on my computer and the first page I see is YouTube. I usually check to see how many views I've gotten on particular subjects, what everyone else is watching, etc. etc. Well, one of my subscribers liked a video that appeared interesting so I clicked on it. And of course, it was yet another Black man bashing the Black woman and talking about how those of us that wear weaves are self hating women!!

I could not believe that he would categorize us as "self hating" simply because some of us choose to wear our hair straight instead of kinky or add extensions instead of wearing our hair short. I was maybe two minutes into the video before I started to wonder...what would he classify white women as?? Would he consider them to be self-hating as well? I mean after all, they are the ones tanning their skin to be as dark as mine and they are the ones spending billions a year on breast & bum implants along with lip injections. He got me worked up, so I had to go and see what the numbers were in terms of consumer spending on cosmetic products and services.

Black women spend around two hundred twenty five million dollars ($225,000,000) on hair care products annually. Meanwhile, White women spend BILLIONS annually (around $10,500,000,000) on plastic surgery. Over 9.2 million cosmetic surgeries are performed every year-that's just on white women alone. Black women are around 1,047,000 and usually they get breast reductions, liposuction and nose jobs (see American Association of Plastic Surgeons).

I guess the white women hate themselves 10x more than we do. I don't think it's a matter of self-hate at all. I believe most women (those numbers were based on women only) want to be as beautiful as they possibly can and if that means adding hair, darkening your skin or putting some junk-in-your-trunk, men should just be grateful to look at it! And if they are lucky see it on a daily basis. But to degrade women for improving on what nature gave them is ridiculous!

So, while some of these "brothas" are pointing fingers at us and condemning us for beautifying ourselves, I sit back and shake my damn head. Because it's usually the Black man that is first in line to tear down the Black woman, if not another Black woman. And I, for one, am sick of it. Why can't we just be embraced for who we are? Why must we conform to images that may not be condusive to who we are inside? And why can't we wear our hair how we damn well please?

It doesn't make me any less Black because my hair is straight or I decided to add extensions to my mane. I am no less down for Black unity and empowerment because I can now feel my hair silky straight instead of wooly or tightly curled. This mentality will only continue to poison our race and keep us divided as a people.

I always say when a "straight" man talks about how much he hates gay men he must have some secrets/issues he's dealing with internally and the same applies here...

Self hate is a MF, especially when it is masked by people who point fingers at others when they are really addressing the "hate" issues that lurk within themselves.

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