Friday, July 8, 2011

Self Hating Black Women Wear Weaves??

Every morning I get up, turn on my computer and the first page I see is YouTube. I usually check to see how many views I've gotten on particular subjects, what everyone else is watching, etc. etc. Well, one of my subscribers liked a video that appeared interesting so I clicked on it. And of course, it was yet another Black man bashing the Black woman and talking about how those of us that wear weaves are self hating women!!

I could not believe that he would categorize us as "self hating" simply because some of us choose to wear our hair straight instead of kinky or add extensions instead of wearing our hair short. I was maybe two minutes into the video before I started to wonder...what would he classify white women as?? Would he consider them to be self-hating as well? I mean after all, they are the ones tanning their skin to be as dark as mine and they are the ones spending billions a year on breast & bum implants along with lip injections. He got me worked up, so I had to go and see what the numbers were in terms of consumer spending on cosmetic products and services.

Black women spend around two hundred twenty five million dollars ($225,000,000) on hair care products annually. Meanwhile, White women spend BILLIONS annually (around $10,500,000,000) on plastic surgery. Over 9.2 million cosmetic surgeries are performed every year-that's just on white women alone. Black women are around 1,047,000 and usually they get breast reductions, liposuction and nose jobs (see American Association of Plastic Surgeons).

I guess the white women hate themselves 10x more than we do. I don't think it's a matter of self-hate at all. I believe most women (those numbers were based on women only) want to be as beautiful as they possibly can and if that means adding hair, darkening your skin or putting some junk-in-your-trunk, men should just be grateful to look at it! And if they are lucky see it on a daily basis. But to degrade women for improving on what nature gave them is ridiculous!

So, while some of these "brothas" are pointing fingers at us and condemning us for beautifying ourselves, I sit back and shake my damn head. Because it's usually the Black man that is first in line to tear down the Black woman, if not another Black woman. And I, for one, am sick of it. Why can't we just be embraced for who we are? Why must we conform to images that may not be condusive to who we are inside? And why can't we wear our hair how we damn well please?

It doesn't make me any less Black because my hair is straight or I decided to add extensions to my mane. I am no less down for Black unity and empowerment because I can now feel my hair silky straight instead of wooly or tightly curled. This mentality will only continue to poison our race and keep us divided as a people.

I always say when a "straight" man talks about how much he hates gay men he must have some secrets/issues he's dealing with internally and the same applies here...

Self hate is a MF, especially when it is masked by people who point fingers at others when they are really addressing the "hate" issues that lurk within themselves.

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