Friday, July 29, 2011

Why Niggas Always End Up Broke!

I just read that Souljah Boy just bought a G5 jet for $35 million dollars with a $20 million dollar "upgrade" in luxuries including four bars, italian leather seats and custom paint with his logo on the jet. Ha! what a joke in less than 10 years this nigga will be BROKE! Just like MC Hammer.

I don't understand the mentality of some of these guys who come from nothing in terms of wealth and once they make it, they blow through it faster than a hurricane in Mississippi. It's really quite sad because I love to see my brothas and sistas get money but I would just like for them to keep it and pass it down to their children and their childrens-children. In other words LEAVE A FINANCIAL LEGACY.

But most niggas don't think like that. And I use the term niggas because I know that most Black people do think about their legacy, what they would like to pass down generationally, etc. This "new breed" of negroes have got it fucked up. They only think of themselves. Not only that but I guarantee you it never crossed his mind to negotiate the cost of any of that; the jet, the customizing, nothing. And why would he need four bars on a plane that seats only 16 people max?!

It's just like Birdman losing two million dollars on a bet. Our ancestors are probably flipping in their graves right now. That same two million could've fed thousands of Black people that are starving in this country every day. These men don't think- they just act and many times their actions are simply selfish.

Even the Kennedys, who did not come from wealth, had enough wherewithall to understand that once they made their fortune they had to maintain it, spend it wisely and save enough for the next generation to use. That is what a great number of these types of Blacks lack; wisdom.

Anyone with a great credit rating or a ton of money can buy whatever they want, but a wise man knows how, when and what to spend it on....

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