Friday, July 29, 2011

The Black Woman...

The degradation, destruction and demeaning of Black women have mostly been by the hands, mouths and actions of Black men. This extends from the males who became "fathers" because they insiminated seeds of life into women they had no more use for than a dog has use for a stray. This is also addressed to males that use the bodies of Black women for money making purposes, something to pass the time with or simply some one to keep you entertained until the next bitch comes along.

And I use the word bitch because IF a Black man truly thought of a Black woman AS a WOMAN, he would not treat her as anything less than that.

All too often Black women are blamed for the anger, repression, emasculation and irresponsible behaviors of Black men today. But let's address those issues one by one.

1) The Black mans' anger. You are truly angry at yourselves NOT us. Because if it were not for us many of you would have been parentless. Obviously some of your fathers were not around to help raise you and so it was left up to a BLACK WOMAN to do the best she could in trying to provide for you with a home, food, education and clothing. Sure, there was less family time spent because the Black woman had to get out and earn a living, but your anger is misdirected. You don't punish or speak against the ones that have saved you from poverty and homelessness, while embracing the one who abandoned you (like your father) or worst still embracing those that had NOTHING to do with your survival (like white women).

All too frequently I hear brothas speaking highly of white women and how they BELIEVE they raise their children, handle their men and function within their families. And I think to myself are these niggas blind, deaf and dumb?? It is usually a white womans' child that will walk into a school or public place and shoot the it up. White men cheat on their women/wives too, did everyone forget the infamous Steve Garvey fiasco? Or what about John Edwards cheating on his loyal, DYING wife? So, if the white woman reared her family so much better than Black women does, WHY are they having just as many issues with their children and husbands as we are?

2) Repression. It is not the fault of the Black woman that you can not find a job or manage to keep the one you finally got-only six months ago, if that. It is up to you to find a way to earn a living just like your mother taught you through her example of getting up every morning and taking the bus if she had to, just to get to work and provide for you. I truly do not understand any Black male that blames the Black woman for his woes. Many of these women are left with no other choice than to make sacrifices at your expense for the greater good. And she suffers as well. Most mothers want to spend time with their children but when it becomes a matter of live or die - what would you have her choose?

3) Emasculation. Women in general recognize the wrecklessness and havoc that men can create with their barbaric attitudes, so we as Black women use an iron fist sometimes when dealing with Black males because we understand, that should we go "easy" on you, you will take that kindness for naivety or weakness. Our intent is not to emasculate you but to preserve normalcy in our households and beyond (on the street, in the workplace, etc). Ruling with an iron fist can usually keep a person in line and OUT OF PRISON!

4) Irresponsible behaviors is almost synonymous with Black men. There are certain things that you do in society and/or within your own family that you KNOW should not be done like; committing crimes, impregnating women you are not married to, focusing on how you're going to cop the next BS sneaker instead of focusing on how to pay your goddamned child support and on and on and on. Many of you guys are irresponsible DESPITE the fact that you were taught better, yet you still find a way to blame the Black woman. It's absurd!

The Black woman doesn't force you to deal, smuggle or use drugs and/or alcohol. The Black woman usually encourages you to stop those bad behaviors and find a business to invest in instead of investing in ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES aka street commerce. There are Black women that have tolerated infidelities, out of wed-lock/relationship children, etc. Yet she still would stand by you because she saw in you what YOU DID NOT SEE IN YOURSELF; value.

A Black woman will be the backbone of your family not the one that destroys it. She will encourage you, uplift you, stand beside you and always support you in your endeavors. She picks up the slack where you have broken down and she dries your tears when no one else even knew you were in sorrow.

Yet some of you still prey on us and try to tear us down either by your insensitive & atrocious behavior or by your offensive and degrading words.

So, I say to hell with the degradation of Black women and the hate speech that a lot of Black men are spewing in our society today. There are no perfect people and yes, some of us are beyond flawed, but generally speaking the Black woman is the best thing the universe could've given to the world and especially given the Black man.


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