Friday, July 8, 2011

Black Mother Turns Kids In For Stealing! Bravo Momi!

So many times in our community people turn "blind eyes" to criminal behavior. There is even a phrase some people in the 'hood -"stop snitching". This phrase is based on street "ethics". There is a rapper named Camron who, when interviewed by Anderson Cooper in 2007, said that no matter what he would never tell on another person, even if it were a serial killer.

I do not subscribe to that street garbage. It's a twisted, gutter way of thinking and most people that say those kinds of things aren't telling the truth anyway. If they ever found themselves in situations where only the police could protect them they would be singing everything they know, like Ella used to sing jazz! High pitch and all!

But that is not the case with this Black mother of two; a boy and a girl, living in Milwaukee. She saw a video on the news of her children, amongst others, looting a store and contacted the police immediately upon confirmation it was indeed them.  That took a lot of heart. Because you never want your children to be in trouble with the law and you never want to be the one to send them to jail. But children that do things like that must be taught lessons about criminal behavior, punishments given for those behaviors and hopefully insight into what they do not want to become as adults.

More parents-no matter the ethnicity, should show their criminal behaving children that it is not to their benefit to behave that way. My mother was not as good as this lady. My mother was from the street and she would encourage bad behavior. She was only 14 when she became pregnant with me but even at that age, you still know right from wrong! One time a sister of mine, known for stealing, took some candy from the store. My mother found out about it and laughed, my grandmother made her take the rest back. Thank goodness my grandmother raised us and we learned from her a sense of lawfulness, responsibility and principles.

I'm not saying I'm a saint, lord knows I've done my dirt, but I was a young adult when I decided to ignore my upbringing. I've since grown up. And I would never teach a child of mine to be a criminal. That's not what parents are for. They are educators, protectors and providers.

So, I salute this Black mother for being everything a parent should be to their children. Bravo lady, hopefully they have learned a good lesson.

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