Friday, July 8, 2011

Executed Illegal Alien Shouts Viva Mexico! Before Dying...

It's too bad they didn't send this disloyal, anti-North American, piece of rapist gutter shit back to the country he pledges his loyalty to years a body bag.

Humberto Leal Garcia was an illegal alien, whose family brought him here from mexico when he was two (2) years old. When he was around twenty-one (21) years old, he raped and murdered a sixteen (16) year old girl in Texas. He confessed to the crimes but his lawyers have argued that he was never given the opportunity to seek legal assistance from the mexican government under the international treaty.

The Obama administration tried to stop the execution by appealing to the Supreme Court and asking that they halt the execution until Congress could consider a bill that would bring the U.S. into compliance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations regarding arrests of foreign nationals (that would've taken at least 6 months). This bill of course was introduced by U.S. Senate Vermont DEMOCRAT Patrick Leahy.

This illegal rapist/murderer confessed to his crimes, was given appropriate legal representation and a fair trial and they still were trying to find ways to keep this scumbag alive.

But please tell me why is it that when they are here illegally, we can not get rid of them? Law enforcement are not even allowed to ask them if they are here illegally. Isn't that ironic? Afterall, the mere word illegal implies they have broken a law.

But we can't get rid of them or refer to them as illegal aliens, when they are here-undocumented and living off the social services, freedoms and fruits of North America. However, we can refer to them as illegal aliens (foreign nationals) for purposes of arguing that they have been "denied" access to proper legal assistance. What a convoluted sham!

But the Supreme Court finally did something right and did not issue a stay of execution for this illegal alien and neither did the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. Viva TEXAS!!

The Obama administration is a disgrace. He has done everything in his power to show these illegal aliens that he's their friend, even at the expense of the North Americans' trust in his judgement and actions. Most people, especially most Black people, see President Obama as a man first, they do not see him as a grimy, say-what-you-have-to-say-to-get-the-votes-you-need politician. But I do and I always have. The only reason I voted him into office initially was because I felt he was the lesser of two evils. However, now I will vote for a different candidate next election. Another four (4) years of the Obama administration and the national breakfast will be chorizo with beans and rice!

The illegal alien shouting "viva mexico" is a true testament to the common sentiment of most of these illegals that have come here after escaping the horrors and poverty that plagues mexico and south america. They have managed to pop out anchor babies a.k.a. illegal aliens in hospitals that give them full medical care, find housing at discount rates -compliments of Section 8 and other housing programs initially created to accomodate LEGAL North American citizens, get hired for jobs that really should be reserved for North Americans and are living fairly decent, carefree lives. Yet they pledge undying allegiance to mexico.

Any illegal that pledges loyalty to anywhere other than North America should be sent back to that country. PERIOD. These people are terrorists with loyalties to outsiders. Mexico is not our ally.

And truthfully, I wish they would high tail their asses back to the land they love so much and let us get back to living without the early morning sounds of roosters, goats and 10 kids crying all at once. I would love to be able to drive and not almost get into an accident because one of them barely missed hitting my car and I would love for my fellow citizens to get back into the work force-send all of them back to where they came from and I guarantee you the unemployment rate will be cut by three quarters (3/4).

Most people don't want them here anyway. They are undesirable as neighbors, mediocre as employees and they cost this country billions in numerous sectors; housing, welfare, social services, to name a few.

The people in Senate seats and the House of Representatives (which is a sham. who are they truly representing) aren't neighbors with these people. The only occasions when they are in the company of mexicans is when they are being served food, having their cars waxed or their lawns mowed. And after a couple of hours they send them back to the ghettos. So they don't see what we see, living amongst them daily. Because I will guarantee you if Hilary Clinton or Dianne Feinstein walked out of their front doors and into the cesspit that is now greater Los Angeles they would demand those illegals be send back so fast it would make your sombrero spin. They would want a clean city to walk their dogs in, brunch with their friends in and show off to their parents and so DO OTHERS.

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