Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Invasion Nets Robbers $40K In Santa Ana

An oriental family; husband, wife and son, were tied up and robbed for $40,000 in cash and valuables. The robbers-six masked, dark clothed individuals, brought pepper spray, guns, duct tape and zip ties to subdue them. Once they had ramsacked the home they fled before police arrived, however, one of them showed her face prior to running and she was described as a young, dark haired mexican who only spoke spanish to her fellow robbers.

Analyzing the Crime Scene:

This was an inside job. Someone that works for them or someone that knows the son set this up. The female robber was described by the husband as looking to be in her teens (16), around the same age as their son. If I were the investigator on this case I would investigate all avenues.

Only someone on the inside would know they had that amount of money in their home. The neighborhood they live in is not an exclusive one of gated community and armed security guards, no, much to the contrary. So, it is common sense to surmise that this robbery was orchestrated by someone that knows how much was in the home and the fact that it would be there at all.

Another angle could be mexican mafia related. The mexican mafia is recruiting younger people now, especially girls and this could very well be somehow related to them. I would not rule it out.

Third angle, this could be a ploy to extort insurance money from their carrier. Afterall, we all know how bad the economy is and we also know how people like to exaggerate how much their losses actually are (example: lose $20K but bump it up to $40K), happens all the time.

I'll be curious to know how this story plays out because I want to know which theory I've described that best fits the story.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Arguments for the Death Penalty & Incarceration for Corrupt Officials

It's not time to stop the executions, it's time to stop the corruption and end the careers of corrupt officials that practice unlawful behaviors such as concealing evidence, coercing witnesses, jury tampering, buying judges, etc...

When you have detectives that are lazy, eager to close cases and over zealous in the pursuit of a conviction,  you end up with an unprofessional investigation, sloppy collection of evidence, unthorough questioning of witnesses & suspects and just an overall disorganized body of police work.

What adds insult to injury are judges that are more focused on re-elections than bringing the truth to the surface or doing their best to ensure justice is served, no matter the cost of the pursuit. When that is ignored or not placed into practice you have a tarnished justice system that will inevitably convict an innocent man.

In cases where prosecutors were so hard up to win a case at any expense, innocent people spent many years in prison or had been wrongly put to death. This is all directly related to poor investigations, uneducated or prejudicial jurors, dirty prosecutors, judges that are more concerned with clearing their calendars than the facts of the case and/or the use of jailhouse snitches anxious to spew lies in exchange for freedom or reduced sentences.

Case in point: Reggie DeShawn Cole, incarcerated for 14 years, on a murder & attempted robbery conviction, that he never committed. He maintained his innocence throughout his trial & incarceration. It was only because of his attorney Christopher Plourd, that exculpatory evidence including fabricated testimony & forensic/fingerprint evidence NOT from Cole was actually discovered.

Plourd enlisted the California Innocence Project to assist in the effort to get Cole's conviction overturned. They filed a petition alleging ineffective counsel, prosecutors withheld key evidence and knowingly introduced false evidence at trial. In April 2009 a judge vacated the murder conviction.

And there you have it! The answer to reducing the chances of wronfully executing an innocent man is have your checks and balances together throughout the investigation and trial process.

Typical American idiots - when they execute the wrong man instead of saying we need more professional detectives, ethical prosecutors that thoroughly research the evidence presented and judges that are more concerned with getting the truth-than a re-election, they say let's stop the death penalty. How about let's prosecute the criminal judges, grimy detectives, dirty D.A.'s and perjurious witnesses that muddy evidence and twist truths?

The nucleus of the problem must be attacked. It's not just the act of execution that's killing innocent people, it is moreso the grotesque practices of corrupt individuals in positions of authority. Get rid of them and you've solved most of the problem. Then we can get back to ridding society of the rightfully convicted vermin that truly deserve the death penalty like in the case of Steven Hayes, a Connecticut man who was condemned to death for the rape, robbery and murder of a woman and her two daughters. Hayes and an accomplice broke into the house of a family of four (husband, wife & two daughters), forced the woman to withdraw money, took her back home once the funds were withdrawn, sexually assaulted her and then strangled her. The home was set on fire and killed all but the husband, who managed to escape.

I say NO to ending the death penalty. As long as the human, savage beast roams the earth preying upon innocent people there should be a death penalty in place. As a matter of fact, every North American citizens' household should have at least two guns in it for protection. And everyone in that house should know how to use it and understand its purpose.

**side note** The code of criminal procedure regarding murder and evidence in many of these states should be revised. Many times men, innocent or not, are being convicted on murder charges without bodies, without evidence and without credible witnesses.

Convicting a man when there is or should be reasonable doubt is preposterous!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Survey of Black People Regarding Azusa 13 Arrests

So, on my way from the shooting range today I thought I'd conduct an unofficial survey of Blacks in the area and get their thoughts and feelings on the arrests of some of the gang members in the Azusa 13. I was curious to know how Black people, particularly Black men, felt about the arrests and how they would possibly protect themselves against that type of systematic intimidation and violence. I was a little surprised to learn that none of them knew anything about this story. I say a little surprised because truly there was barely any news coverage of this story. Had I not saw it online I may not have known of it either. But still I went on with the survey....

I briefed them on the story and then asked how would you protect yourself. I was a little shocked to learn that some of them would just take the risk of being unarmed and some of them didn't want to offer an opinion at all. Granted they didn't know me from any other stranger and maybe weren't comfortable sharing that they carry and conceal, but I was at least hoping to hear that they would NOT be opposed to arming themselves. I wanted to hear that they are willing to protect themselves from danger no matter what. But I didn't hear that.

As I said, this was unofficial. Sometimes, I'll get a thought in my head and run with it. So, every Black person I passed by- I wanted to talk to, which were about seven (7) men and one (1) woman. Not enough for a true survey but it gave me some insight into how some of my people think. I will be venturing out to get more opinions later this week.

Ever since posting my videos regarding the arrests of the Azusa 13 I've gotten a lot of angry responses from wetbacks. Seems to me a bit peculiar. I don't get the animosity. They weren't angry at the fact that their wetback compadres were killing, assaulting, intimidating and robbing Black people, they were angry that I was telling Black people to fight back!

See in this country, maybe even around the world, there is a mind set that if you tell a Black man to defend himself in the same manner in which he is being assaulted, then you are wrong. It's retard logic and I don't subscribe to that...

As long as Blacks are yelling PEACE and being slapped around, beaten and killed without resistance, all is well in the world. But when a Black person puts up his fists or raises a gun to protect himself from an attack, then some folks out there want to reduce it to savagery. All I'm saying is a Black person has just as much right to defend himself against a violent act as any other man and many times that means exerting his own violence.

America has taught me that when you truly want peace you must obtain it through force and use of weapons. That is why when she wants peace she invades countries with the support of armed forces and heavy artillery at her fingertips. And she doesn't stop her tyranny until her mission is accomplished-all in the name of peace...

Black people deserve peace as well. The two people mentioned in the article were non-gang members (one a preacher, the other a high school student), both killed by the hands of wetbacks trying to rid the city of Blacks. That's not being able to live in peace, that's existing under the tyranny of terrorists and my ancestors did not fight, die and endure assaults for us to have to go through that again.

Some may argue well what about the havoc that your own people wreak on each other? I say to hell with ALL trouble makers. But the article was not about them, it was about the Azusa 13 and the plan they had against a group of people that have just as much a right to live in that city as they do!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tracy Morgans' Anti-Gay Rants...What Happened To The 1st Amendment In This Country?!

The very fiber that built and kept this country strong for over 100 years is now being dissected and shredded to pieces as if it never had a place in our society. Constitutional amendments like freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, are now the very things being used against us.

We are living in a society today where people are overly sensitive and have been catered to far too often, so much so that it has adversely affected their common sense.

I didn't hear the anti-gay rant that Tracy Morgan recently unleashed in a stand up comedy act in Nashville, but I did catch the "N" word rant on YouTube that Michael Richards did three years ago. And I felt the same way I feel today, a man has the right to speak however frankly he chooses and you have a right to get up and walk out, but you don't have a right to infringe upon his 1st amendment rights. Listen, Michael Richards lost a lot of his Black fans that night, I was never a fan of his but I supported his right to conduct a comedy show that may involve words some people would not approve of.

Based on where we are today in this hypocrital society of not-calling-a-spade-a-spade, except in the privacy of our own homes, I think that pretty soon we'll get to a point where it's politically incorrect to call junk food-junk food. We'll be expected to call it something like: treasure treats or happy nibbles or some crap like that. I mean afterall, it does make most people happy when they're eating it...

A study conducted by the U.K  and U.S.A. suggested that people who own animals should no longer "degrade" the animals they own by calling them pets. They should be called "companions" instead...

I nearly shit myself when I read this!

Why don't we just call them 'wonderful, evolving forms of life' or 'dream companions'-afterall, dogs are loyal, trustworthy and always have your best interest at heart. I mean that about the dogs, but I'm joking about the terms. This study (supposedly compiled by university professors from U.K. & U.S.A.) only goes to show how much brain matter some of us have lost as a global society. And wasting money on studies like this, when that money should be used toward fighting homelessnesss and hunger in the very countries conducting these pointless studies, only supports my theory.

I mean why don't we extend the politically, technically correct BS to cars and refer to them as 'most appreciated forms of transporation' or something with a little more appreciation for its purpose.  And let's not stop at cars, most people believe in aliens from outerspace but I'm sure if they knew we were calling them aliens they'd be offended too, so let's refer to them as 'friends of the universe'....

I'm almost puking right now. Where does it stop is my point!

Being expected and forced to use politically/technically correct terms has killed this country and deadened our sense of humor to a great extent. It may not seem all that serious but it truly is. Do you know why shows and movies like All In The Family, Sanford & Son, The Jeffersons & Blazing Saddles are still hugely popular in modern age society? Because the content was not pc, it wasn't filtered and people spoke honestly and freely and they used terms that today would get a person fired.

I don't understand taking away a mans' right to survival (his money) simply because he called a Black person a nigger or a homosexual a faggot. Those that want to ostracize him may do so, no one is required to be around a person they don't like, but it is not right to take away his livelihood. Tracy Morgan may be fired over the anti-gay rant, I think that's unfair. Now, if the fans of Tracy Morgan stop coming to his shows I would say those are the consequences he had to suffer because obviously they didn't appreciate his words. But that would directly be of his own doing not the studios or networks taking matters into their own hands...

In today's North America we are expected to call mexicans latinos-it used to be chicano, I guess they've evolved to a higher standing in the last 20 years *blank stare*. Orientals are now asian-what the hell happened? They didn't stop having slanted eyes, course, dark hair and yellow skin. And the Negroe, it is a must that we are now called African American-used to be Black and before that is was colored. Did somebody all of a sudden remember our kinky hair and dark skin?

And of course we have the others, a mix of ethnicities from different countries, all vying for a pc title of their own. But what all these people are forgetting is no matter how someone refers to you or what a person chooses to call you, the only one that truly defines you-IS YOU.

Oh, I don't deny that words can be hurtful, especially when they are used for that exact purpose, but what's the difference if a person voices that they think of you as a nigger or just simply TREATS you like one without ever using the "n" word?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Azusa 13 Wetbacks Indicted on RICO charges....DEPORT THEIR ASSES!

So this morning I read an article posted on It told the story of how 51 members of the Azusa 13 gang were arrested yesterday on charges ranging from harrassment and racist graffiti towards Blacks to beatings and robberies.  The race-based hate crimes were inflicted upon the Blacks in that area from 1992 until May 2010.

My questions to the U.S. Attorney are: Why did it take the Feds so long to arrest these low-life, savage, illegal mongrels? and Were you investigating the crimes over that long period of time? or Were you hoping for a race-fueled war? Were these terrorist animals being monitored daily, weekly or monthly? or maybe they were being allowed to harrass and violate the Blacks because the Feds didn't give a damn about how they were being treated.

But I wonder why the Blacks in that area weren't arming themselves. Why weren't they protecting themselves? Afterall, you have a right to defend yourself against any and ALL threats of violence, by any means necessary!... Even if that means sending those illegal border rats back home in body bags.

Never be afraid to bleed and more importantly NEVER be afraid to make a muthafucka bleed-out!

You can either be a survivor or a victim. You have a choice.

Every Black person should be armed in this country but especially in any area where you are being targeted for hate crimes. You should have a strap on you at all times, know how to use it and be ready to use it. Because now you know you have a target on your head. You're being hunted by savage, illegal criminals who have no legal rights to be here in this country and thereby can come and go without much notice... Be ready to body bag them and make no apologies!

It angers me that in the country that OUR ancestors built through blood, sweat, tears, some lost their lives and others endured years of abuse, that we are again facing those same atrocities. Arm yourselves and protect yourselves. The government is not going to do it. Even under the RICO law those animals could serve as little as 10 years in a federal prison.

Why should the North American tax payer shell out money for a group of aliens most of us don't want here anyway?

And to any Black person who will try to speak up for them or remind me of any rights in this country they may have, I say to hell with you. JOIN THEM IN MEXICO and die there you traitorous scum. How dare you defend the very same individuals that would just as soon see you dead and hanging from the end of a rope than living peacefully and free in this country that YOUR ancestors built and contributed to making what was once considered the Leader of the Free World.

They could never have accomplished in mexico what has been accomplished here in North America and the proof is in the conditions of mexico historically to present day. They are a vile and corrupt group of individuals with no respect for law, humanity or peace. They thrive on violence and anarchy and I say exterminate them in the manner in which they are used to being dealt with.

I cannot wait until we finally rid ourselves of the mexican scum that has illegally invaded this country over the last 150 years. I say it must be done quickly because the integrity of this country, that our ancestors fought so hard to have, has now been tainted and nearly destroyed by their presence.

I cannot say enough about how much I hate them and how when I look around me at cities that are now infested with them I just want to puke. They have destroyed their own country through criminal activities including but not limited to drug smuggling, bribes, questionable politicians, etc. and now they have come here to destroy ours. I wouldn't at all be surprised if the "powers that be" conspired to send them here with that very objective in mind!

Afterall, most mexicans are bitter about this country being "taken" from them, even though it wasn't taken - they lost it in the mexican american war of 1846. But the sore losers found a way to guilt white americans into allowing them to enter this country and stay here, pretty much without fear of deportation, by threatening to make them look like racists. Yea, we're partially responsible that the white man now fears being called that word. But when we legitimately fought against racism that fight turned into law and the dirty mexican found a way to use our laws to their favor. Our struggles to their favor and the political correctness as well.

So, instead of white people (who had all the powers in this country) forcing them out years ago, they let them stay out of fear of being called racist-not to mention the cheap labor didn't hurt. But look at where we are now....

I have never been a part of any gang, group or movement. Hell, by the time I was born the two biggest music stars in the world were Black and so was the mayor of Los Angeles. But I think it's time that there was a new movement formed. One in which we Negroes protect and ride for each other.

Some people say the negroe lacks loyalty, self control, work ethic, etc. I say bullshit. Our ancestors possessed all those qualities and it was because of those qualities they achieved the rights in which we and others (like those wetbacks) benefit from to this day. Some of us just need a reason to exercise them...

I can't think of a better reason than this. But be prepared for war and be prepared to handle both traitors and enemies with swift death.

When the nation that owes you everything will not protect you, you must find a way to protect yourself.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rihanna Controversy Over "Man Down" Video...

I love that the Rihanna video "Man Down" is creating so much buzz because it is bringing an overdue awareness to the real life issue of rape....

Imagine how a woman must truly feel after being assaulted in such a way. Feeling undeniably dirty, alone and afraid. Wanting to do nothing but exact revenge however she deems fit. Sometimes fantasizing about raping the rapist maybe with a broomstick or a flashlight and other times entertaining deeper, darker fantasies like killing him, walking up to him, pulling out a gun and blasting his worthless, savage head off. Don't tell me there aren't women out there that think and feel this way. I refuse to believe it!...

I refuse to believe that there is a woman in the world who wouldn't want to take the life of the beast that violated her in the most primitive way a man can violate a woman and that is through raping her.

The outcry of some people in the public to Rihannas' "Man Down" video sickens me and it just makes me wonder if any of the women who are all up-in-arms over the murder of the rapist or the violence in the video would be as offended had it been their true life story, if they were being subjected to an unwanted, invasive dick!?

Rape is THE most violent act a person can impose on another and I say it is the most violent because it has the longest lasting effects; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially and psychologically, not only on the victim but on the family, friends, children & intimate partners as well. Lives have been forever changed, innocence forever stolen from numerous women, children and men due to this very act. Many women and children in countries across Africa- in particular, are living nightmarish existences because everyday they face the possibility that some primitive human animal will kidnap them and rape them for no other reason otherthan he felt like it.

Lesbian women are facing their own challenges in South Africa with men who believe they can rape them into heterosexuality. In April 2009 former star of South Africa's national female football squad, Eudy Simelane, was gang-raped, brutally beaten and stabbed twenty-five (25) times in the face, chest and legs. She was only 31 years old.  One of the three (3) savage rapists was sentenced to life in prison (as he was the one that actually did the killing), the other two were acquitted-not even prosecuted for the assault or the rape!

An article from website reports, one in four South African men have admitted to rape and confess to attacking more than one victim. Three of four first began raping women while in their teens. Three percent (3%) of them admitted to raping a man or boy.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that any woman raped by a man over the age of 25 has a one in four chance of her attacker being HIV positive.

Here in North America we have our issues with this epidemic as well, not only in "free" society but in prisons across the nation. Imagine being a young, wrongly accused and incarcerated boy put into a cellblock with violent inmates, most of which are Black. They size you up and decide that you will be their next victim. You are raped repeatedly in the ass, beaten, passed around and used over and over again until your anus no longer functions as it should and is so loose that for the rest of your life you have no choice but to wear diapers. Not only that, but because you contracted herpes from your rapist(s) and a different rapist caught it, he gets mad at you for not telling him about your disease and partially chops off your tongue. This is a true story. Happened to a kid in New York serving a short stint for a crime he didn't commit...

I say all rapists should be killed. They don't deserve life. They are useless and have no redeeming qualities. They are usually repeat offenders and that is a clear sign that it can not be rehabilitated. *If a wild animal is caught in the act of attacking a human being it is swiftly killed. Hell, they'll even hunt the poor animal down and kill it to thwart any possible future attacks.* There is a big difference though between that beast and the rapist beast. I have a huge problem with an animal being hunted down and killed, it is a wild animal and that is what they do! If it is killed in the midst of an attack, that is the only thing that I support. But the human animal is a different beast altogether....

Because a wild animal does what is inate to his existence and usually only attacks to protect; itself, its cubs, food or territory. What excuse does the human rapist beast have?

So, to the Parents Television Council and all parents talking about boycotting Rihannas' video and album I say grab a piece of masking tape, put it across your lips and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Some of your children have seen more in your dysfunctional, toxic households than they will ever witness in a Rihanna video. And by the way if you were not purchasing the music they would have a harder time accessing it, not that it was made for them to listen to in the first place, but I just thought I'd point that out.

If you were strong role models for your children you wouldn't be looking for musicians (notorious for being eccentric), actors (notorious for being neurotic) or anyone else for your children to look up to. YOU would be in that role. Remember that the next time you accuse Rihanna of not being a positive role model to the children of the world. Parents, pastors and politicians used to hold that title, what happened?