Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Azusa 13 Wetbacks Indicted on RICO charges....DEPORT THEIR ASSES!

So this morning I read an article posted on It told the story of how 51 members of the Azusa 13 gang were arrested yesterday on charges ranging from harrassment and racist graffiti towards Blacks to beatings and robberies.  The race-based hate crimes were inflicted upon the Blacks in that area from 1992 until May 2010.

My questions to the U.S. Attorney are: Why did it take the Feds so long to arrest these low-life, savage, illegal mongrels? and Were you investigating the crimes over that long period of time? or Were you hoping for a race-fueled war? Were these terrorist animals being monitored daily, weekly or monthly? or maybe they were being allowed to harrass and violate the Blacks because the Feds didn't give a damn about how they were being treated.

But I wonder why the Blacks in that area weren't arming themselves. Why weren't they protecting themselves? Afterall, you have a right to defend yourself against any and ALL threats of violence, by any means necessary!... Even if that means sending those illegal border rats back home in body bags.

Never be afraid to bleed and more importantly NEVER be afraid to make a muthafucka bleed-out!

You can either be a survivor or a victim. You have a choice.

Every Black person should be armed in this country but especially in any area where you are being targeted for hate crimes. You should have a strap on you at all times, know how to use it and be ready to use it. Because now you know you have a target on your head. You're being hunted by savage, illegal criminals who have no legal rights to be here in this country and thereby can come and go without much notice... Be ready to body bag them and make no apologies!

It angers me that in the country that OUR ancestors built through blood, sweat, tears, some lost their lives and others endured years of abuse, that we are again facing those same atrocities. Arm yourselves and protect yourselves. The government is not going to do it. Even under the RICO law those animals could serve as little as 10 years in a federal prison.

Why should the North American tax payer shell out money for a group of aliens most of us don't want here anyway?

And to any Black person who will try to speak up for them or remind me of any rights in this country they may have, I say to hell with you. JOIN THEM IN MEXICO and die there you traitorous scum. How dare you defend the very same individuals that would just as soon see you dead and hanging from the end of a rope than living peacefully and free in this country that YOUR ancestors built and contributed to making what was once considered the Leader of the Free World.

They could never have accomplished in mexico what has been accomplished here in North America and the proof is in the conditions of mexico historically to present day. They are a vile and corrupt group of individuals with no respect for law, humanity or peace. They thrive on violence and anarchy and I say exterminate them in the manner in which they are used to being dealt with.

I cannot wait until we finally rid ourselves of the mexican scum that has illegally invaded this country over the last 150 years. I say it must be done quickly because the integrity of this country, that our ancestors fought so hard to have, has now been tainted and nearly destroyed by their presence.

I cannot say enough about how much I hate them and how when I look around me at cities that are now infested with them I just want to puke. They have destroyed their own country through criminal activities including but not limited to drug smuggling, bribes, questionable politicians, etc. and now they have come here to destroy ours. I wouldn't at all be surprised if the "powers that be" conspired to send them here with that very objective in mind!

Afterall, most mexicans are bitter about this country being "taken" from them, even though it wasn't taken - they lost it in the mexican american war of 1846. But the sore losers found a way to guilt white americans into allowing them to enter this country and stay here, pretty much without fear of deportation, by threatening to make them look like racists. Yea, we're partially responsible that the white man now fears being called that word. But when we legitimately fought against racism that fight turned into law and the dirty mexican found a way to use our laws to their favor. Our struggles to their favor and the political correctness as well.

So, instead of white people (who had all the powers in this country) forcing them out years ago, they let them stay out of fear of being called racist-not to mention the cheap labor didn't hurt. But look at where we are now....

I have never been a part of any gang, group or movement. Hell, by the time I was born the two biggest music stars in the world were Black and so was the mayor of Los Angeles. But I think it's time that there was a new movement formed. One in which we Negroes protect and ride for each other.

Some people say the negroe lacks loyalty, self control, work ethic, etc. I say bullshit. Our ancestors possessed all those qualities and it was because of those qualities they achieved the rights in which we and others (like those wetbacks) benefit from to this day. Some of us just need a reason to exercise them...

I can't think of a better reason than this. But be prepared for war and be prepared to handle both traitors and enemies with swift death.

When the nation that owes you everything will not protect you, you must find a way to protect yourself.

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