Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rihanna Controversy Over "Man Down" Video...

I love that the Rihanna video "Man Down" is creating so much buzz because it is bringing an overdue awareness to the real life issue of rape....

Imagine how a woman must truly feel after being assaulted in such a way. Feeling undeniably dirty, alone and afraid. Wanting to do nothing but exact revenge however she deems fit. Sometimes fantasizing about raping the rapist maybe with a broomstick or a flashlight and other times entertaining deeper, darker fantasies like killing him, walking up to him, pulling out a gun and blasting his worthless, savage head off. Don't tell me there aren't women out there that think and feel this way. I refuse to believe it!...

I refuse to believe that there is a woman in the world who wouldn't want to take the life of the beast that violated her in the most primitive way a man can violate a woman and that is through raping her.

The outcry of some people in the public to Rihannas' "Man Down" video sickens me and it just makes me wonder if any of the women who are all up-in-arms over the murder of the rapist or the violence in the video would be as offended had it been their true life story, if they were being subjected to an unwanted, invasive dick!?

Rape is THE most violent act a person can impose on another and I say it is the most violent because it has the longest lasting effects; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially and psychologically, not only on the victim but on the family, friends, children & intimate partners as well. Lives have been forever changed, innocence forever stolen from numerous women, children and men due to this very act. Many women and children in countries across Africa- in particular, are living nightmarish existences because everyday they face the possibility that some primitive human animal will kidnap them and rape them for no other reason otherthan he felt like it.

Lesbian women are facing their own challenges in South Africa with men who believe they can rape them into heterosexuality. In April 2009 former star of South Africa's national female football squad, Eudy Simelane, was gang-raped, brutally beaten and stabbed twenty-five (25) times in the face, chest and legs. She was only 31 years old.  One of the three (3) savage rapists was sentenced to life in prison (as he was the one that actually did the killing), the other two were acquitted-not even prosecuted for the assault or the rape!

An article from website guardian.co.uk reports, one in four South African men have admitted to rape and confess to attacking more than one victim. Three of four first began raping women while in their teens. Three percent (3%) of them admitted to raping a man or boy.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that any woman raped by a man over the age of 25 has a one in four chance of her attacker being HIV positive.

Here in North America we have our issues with this epidemic as well, not only in "free" society but in prisons across the nation. Imagine being a young, wrongly accused and incarcerated boy put into a cellblock with violent inmates, most of which are Black. They size you up and decide that you will be their next victim. You are raped repeatedly in the ass, beaten, passed around and used over and over again until your anus no longer functions as it should and is so loose that for the rest of your life you have no choice but to wear diapers. Not only that, but because you contracted herpes from your rapist(s) and a different rapist caught it, he gets mad at you for not telling him about your disease and partially chops off your tongue. This is a true story. Happened to a kid in New York serving a short stint for a crime he didn't commit...

I say all rapists should be killed. They don't deserve life. They are useless and have no redeeming qualities. They are usually repeat offenders and that is a clear sign that it can not be rehabilitated. *If a wild animal is caught in the act of attacking a human being it is swiftly killed. Hell, they'll even hunt the poor animal down and kill it to thwart any possible future attacks.* There is a big difference though between that beast and the rapist beast. I have a huge problem with an animal being hunted down and killed, it is a wild animal and that is what they do! If it is killed in the midst of an attack, that is the only thing that I support. But the human animal is a different beast altogether....

Because a wild animal does what is inate to his existence and usually only attacks to protect; itself, its cubs, food or territory. What excuse does the human rapist beast have?

So, to the Parents Television Council and all parents talking about boycotting Rihannas' video and album I say grab a piece of masking tape, put it across your lips and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Some of your children have seen more in your dysfunctional, toxic households than they will ever witness in a Rihanna video. And by the way if you were not purchasing the music they would have a harder time accessing it, not that it was made for them to listen to in the first place, but I just thought I'd point that out.

If you were strong role models for your children you wouldn't be looking for musicians (notorious for being eccentric), actors (notorious for being neurotic) or anyone else for your children to look up to. YOU would be in that role. Remember that the next time you accuse Rihanna of not being a positive role model to the children of the world. Parents, pastors and politicians used to hold that title, what happened?

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