Sunday, June 12, 2011

Survey of Black People Regarding Azusa 13 Arrests

So, on my way from the shooting range today I thought I'd conduct an unofficial survey of Blacks in the area and get their thoughts and feelings on the arrests of some of the gang members in the Azusa 13. I was curious to know how Black people, particularly Black men, felt about the arrests and how they would possibly protect themselves against that type of systematic intimidation and violence. I was a little surprised to learn that none of them knew anything about this story. I say a little surprised because truly there was barely any news coverage of this story. Had I not saw it online I may not have known of it either. But still I went on with the survey....

I briefed them on the story and then asked how would you protect yourself. I was a little shocked to learn that some of them would just take the risk of being unarmed and some of them didn't want to offer an opinion at all. Granted they didn't know me from any other stranger and maybe weren't comfortable sharing that they carry and conceal, but I was at least hoping to hear that they would NOT be opposed to arming themselves. I wanted to hear that they are willing to protect themselves from danger no matter what. But I didn't hear that.

As I said, this was unofficial. Sometimes, I'll get a thought in my head and run with it. So, every Black person I passed by- I wanted to talk to, which were about seven (7) men and one (1) woman. Not enough for a true survey but it gave me some insight into how some of my people think. I will be venturing out to get more opinions later this week.

Ever since posting my videos regarding the arrests of the Azusa 13 I've gotten a lot of angry responses from wetbacks. Seems to me a bit peculiar. I don't get the animosity. They weren't angry at the fact that their wetback compadres were killing, assaulting, intimidating and robbing Black people, they were angry that I was telling Black people to fight back!

See in this country, maybe even around the world, there is a mind set that if you tell a Black man to defend himself in the same manner in which he is being assaulted, then you are wrong. It's retard logic and I don't subscribe to that...

As long as Blacks are yelling PEACE and being slapped around, beaten and killed without resistance, all is well in the world. But when a Black person puts up his fists or raises a gun to protect himself from an attack, then some folks out there want to reduce it to savagery. All I'm saying is a Black person has just as much right to defend himself against a violent act as any other man and many times that means exerting his own violence.

America has taught me that when you truly want peace you must obtain it through force and use of weapons. That is why when she wants peace she invades countries with the support of armed forces and heavy artillery at her fingertips. And she doesn't stop her tyranny until her mission is accomplished-all in the name of peace...

Black people deserve peace as well. The two people mentioned in the article were non-gang members (one a preacher, the other a high school student), both killed by the hands of wetbacks trying to rid the city of Blacks. That's not being able to live in peace, that's existing under the tyranny of terrorists and my ancestors did not fight, die and endure assaults for us to have to go through that again.

Some may argue well what about the havoc that your own people wreak on each other? I say to hell with ALL trouble makers. But the article was not about them, it was about the Azusa 13 and the plan they had against a group of people that have just as much a right to live in that city as they do!

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