Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tracy Morgans' Anti-Gay Rants...What Happened To The 1st Amendment In This Country?!

The very fiber that built and kept this country strong for over 100 years is now being dissected and shredded to pieces as if it never had a place in our society. Constitutional amendments like freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, are now the very things being used against us.

We are living in a society today where people are overly sensitive and have been catered to far too often, so much so that it has adversely affected their common sense.

I didn't hear the anti-gay rant that Tracy Morgan recently unleashed in a stand up comedy act in Nashville, but I did catch the "N" word rant on YouTube that Michael Richards did three years ago. And I felt the same way I feel today, a man has the right to speak however frankly he chooses and you have a right to get up and walk out, but you don't have a right to infringe upon his 1st amendment rights. Listen, Michael Richards lost a lot of his Black fans that night, I was never a fan of his but I supported his right to conduct a comedy show that may involve words some people would not approve of.

Based on where we are today in this hypocrital society of not-calling-a-spade-a-spade, except in the privacy of our own homes, I think that pretty soon we'll get to a point where it's politically incorrect to call junk food-junk food. We'll be expected to call it something like: treasure treats or happy nibbles or some crap like that. I mean afterall, it does make most people happy when they're eating it...

A study conducted by the U.K  and U.S.A. suggested that people who own animals should no longer "degrade" the animals they own by calling them pets. They should be called "companions" instead...

I nearly shit myself when I read this!

Why don't we just call them 'wonderful, evolving forms of life' or 'dream companions'-afterall, dogs are loyal, trustworthy and always have your best interest at heart. I mean that about the dogs, but I'm joking about the terms. This study (supposedly compiled by university professors from U.K. & U.S.A.) only goes to show how much brain matter some of us have lost as a global society. And wasting money on studies like this, when that money should be used toward fighting homelessnesss and hunger in the very countries conducting these pointless studies, only supports my theory.

I mean why don't we extend the politically, technically correct BS to cars and refer to them as 'most appreciated forms of transporation' or something with a little more appreciation for its purpose.  And let's not stop at cars, most people believe in aliens from outerspace but I'm sure if they knew we were calling them aliens they'd be offended too, so let's refer to them as 'friends of the universe'....

I'm almost puking right now. Where does it stop is my point!

Being expected and forced to use politically/technically correct terms has killed this country and deadened our sense of humor to a great extent. It may not seem all that serious but it truly is. Do you know why shows and movies like All In The Family, Sanford & Son, The Jeffersons & Blazing Saddles are still hugely popular in modern age society? Because the content was not pc, it wasn't filtered and people spoke honestly and freely and they used terms that today would get a person fired.

I don't understand taking away a mans' right to survival (his money) simply because he called a Black person a nigger or a homosexual a faggot. Those that want to ostracize him may do so, no one is required to be around a person they don't like, but it is not right to take away his livelihood. Tracy Morgan may be fired over the anti-gay rant, I think that's unfair. Now, if the fans of Tracy Morgan stop coming to his shows I would say those are the consequences he had to suffer because obviously they didn't appreciate his words. But that would directly be of his own doing not the studios or networks taking matters into their own hands...

In today's North America we are expected to call mexicans latinos-it used to be chicano, I guess they've evolved to a higher standing in the last 20 years *blank stare*. Orientals are now asian-what the hell happened? They didn't stop having slanted eyes, course, dark hair and yellow skin. And the Negroe, it is a must that we are now called African American-used to be Black and before that is was colored. Did somebody all of a sudden remember our kinky hair and dark skin?

And of course we have the others, a mix of ethnicities from different countries, all vying for a pc title of their own. But what all these people are forgetting is no matter how someone refers to you or what a person chooses to call you, the only one that truly defines you-IS YOU.

Oh, I don't deny that words can be hurtful, especially when they are used for that exact purpose, but what's the difference if a person voices that they think of you as a nigger or just simply TREATS you like one without ever using the "n" word?

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