Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Invasion Nets Robbers $40K In Santa Ana

An oriental family; husband, wife and son, were tied up and robbed for $40,000 in cash and valuables. The robbers-six masked, dark clothed individuals, brought pepper spray, guns, duct tape and zip ties to subdue them. Once they had ramsacked the home they fled before police arrived, however, one of them showed her face prior to running and she was described as a young, dark haired mexican who only spoke spanish to her fellow robbers.

Analyzing the Crime Scene:

This was an inside job. Someone that works for them or someone that knows the son set this up. The female robber was described by the husband as looking to be in her teens (16), around the same age as their son. If I were the investigator on this case I would investigate all avenues.

Only someone on the inside would know they had that amount of money in their home. The neighborhood they live in is not an exclusive one of gated community and armed security guards, no, much to the contrary. So, it is common sense to surmise that this robbery was orchestrated by someone that knows how much was in the home and the fact that it would be there at all.

Another angle could be mexican mafia related. The mexican mafia is recruiting younger people now, especially girls and this could very well be somehow related to them. I would not rule it out.

Third angle, this could be a ploy to extort insurance money from their carrier. Afterall, we all know how bad the economy is and we also know how people like to exaggerate how much their losses actually are (example: lose $20K but bump it up to $40K), happens all the time.

I'll be curious to know how this story plays out because I want to know which theory I've described that best fits the story.

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