Friday, August 10, 2012

Controversy Over Gabby Douglas' HAIR!!

**WARNING: This video is full of curse words. So if your ears are sensitive to words like FUCK, SHIT and gosh knows what else, please do NOT listen**

Initially, I wasn't going to touch this story because I truly thought it would've blown over and away by now. But I listened to the radio yesterday, here in Los Angeles, and Larry Elder was talking about the crap Gabby is still getting from some Black people about her hair. Once I heard him coming to her defense I KNEW IT HAD TO BE BAD!!
So this video is my rant in defense of Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas....

I know this girl was going through so much. Not only is she a teenager (16 years old; which comes with its own problems/headaches), but her parents are divorcing and she was feeling a bit insecure about her ability to compete in the Olympics. Now combine that with a bunch of strange Black people, who should be supporting her but instead are ridiculing her, and you've got a recipe for a child that needs a HUGE SUPPORT BASE.

I'm extremely disappointed in what some Black people have said about this girl's hair and you will hear that disappointment in my tone. But my anger is also about how some Black folks lack the ability to refrain from spewing ignorance!

No matter what her hair is styled or textured like, she is a hard working, dedicated, driven and very disciplined child that has accomplished so much more than her critics EVER WILL.

Link to an article that says Black women & men were criticizing her hair:

Link to abc news where part of the footage for this video was used:

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