Friday, August 10, 2012

Young, Black Man-Chavis Carter, MURDERED By Arkansas Police!

Chavis Carter was only 21 years old yet officers contend this young man killed himself. They are trying desperately and unsuccessfully to convince us this man was somewhat of a "houdini"!!

Who else could be handcuffed, double locked and pull off such the difficult and impossible feat of concealing a gun so well that in two separate body searches neither one produced a weapon?  So skilled that he shot himself in the head with his hands secured behind him. And such a proficient contortionist that although he was left handed, he was able to wrap his arm behind his head and shoot HIMSELF in the right temple.

Do they really believe the Black community that stupid? How about the naivety of the American people?

My first issue with this case is that there were two other (2) guys in that car with Chavis Carter, both were white and both were allowed to leave DESPITE the fact that white powder was found in the car along with scales. Why were they allowed to go and Chavis was detained?

The police chief, Michael Yates, is having a difficult time explaining the inconsistencies related to this crime as well as the statements of his officers (Keith Baggett and Ron Marsh). But he appears to be doing his best to act as if he too believes Chavis Carter committed suicide.

Supposedly, the same department that arrested Chavis Carter is conducting an investigation into his murder? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!

That's like asking Hitler to investigate the crimes of Nazi Germany!!

So now my questions are:
Did they check Chavis Carter's hands for gun residue?
Did they test the hands of the arresting officers for gun residue?
What type of gun were those officers issued? Caliber?
Was there blood spatter on the clothes of Chavis Carter? How about the officer(s)?
How could a left handed man have shot himself in his right temple?
Were is the video of the interior of the police car where Chavis was murdered?
Was the search of the vehicle Chavis was in an ILLEGAL search?

I don't know how the FBI will conclude this case, but I know in MY GUT this man was murdered.

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