Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hitler Wine Label Sends Some Into A Tizzy!!

Some people need to find better things to do with their lives and time than sitting and waiting for something to complain about. This isn't a wine bottle with a label of jews being marched into a concentration camp, it's a photo of a man that once was a leader of a political party!

Though the wine labels may offend some, they are NOT harmful to anyone and therefore the company should be left to carry on with their business without the threat of lawsuits or anything as ridiculous as such.

We've gotten so politically and socially correct in this goddamned world that a business that produces a product MOST people want, could possibly be shut down over something as non-threatening as a photograph of a former leader's face. 

Are we suppose to pretend Hitler never existed? If so, then I suppose we can forget about other world leaders that were considered evil as well and the list is long.

To read more on this controversy click the link: http://www.delish.com/food/recalls-reviews/italian-company-hitler-wine

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